Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To resolve or not to resolve...

This week we're talking about Resolutions and making new goals for this New Year.

I'm not usually a Resolution kind of gal, personally - because in my head with that stuff, the more of a Thing I make it, the more likely I am to fail!!

Like with dieting. I get consumed with it that I see nothing else and then overstress and usually miss my goal. I get hungrier on a diet, not because I'm eating less but because it's constantly in my head. Sigh.

So this year, I DO want to lose a few lbs, but I'm not making it a written down, stressful thing for myself. I'm just trying like I have been for the past two weeks to do better and see results slowly. Same with my writing. I have goals that I will pursue step by step, but I was going to do that anyway, whether the New Year rolled around or not.

If you're the type who thrives on Resolutions and makes the mark every time, I envy you! ;)
And I believe you can do it! With practice and motivation, regardless of the resolution, it can be done. And of course, the most important factor - prayer! Don't forget to bathe your resolution in prayer because really, if it's not God's will for you, you don't want it anyway...

How can we at Scribblechicks help you keep those New Year goals, especially the writing related ones?

What posts would you like to see from us this year? What topics have we overdone and what can we start doing? We're here to help, because, new year or not - writing rocks :)


  1. I think the best way the Scribblechicks can help us all with our writing resolutions is by simply keeping up the great work y'all already do. :) I really like the posts where you tell us to finish the sentence/story/poem. Those are always fun and after I do them, I usually feel inspired to work on something else. Inspiration is my biggest writing hurdle, so those little tidbits really help me out. :)