Monday, January 16, 2012

"Prompt" goes the weasel

It's Monday, it's a holiday and it's very cold and windy here, so I've been yawning and having trouble getting myself moving all day. A great day to do a few writing stretches before starting the writing marathon!

Prompt 1: You are blasted into space and land safely on a new planet. What will you name it? What will you find on it? What would you like to put on it?

Prompt 2: Set a timer for one minute and write down as many different ways to describe the color blue as you can. Now use one of the best ones in your current WIP.

Prompt 3: PBS comes to you and needs a new kids TV show. What will it be about? Who will the characters be? What is the VERY basic storyline?

Prompt 4: Take a character from your current WIP and plop him/her on an island in the middle of an ocean. What one item from their life would they want/need? How will they survive?

Prompt 5: Look out the window and in ten seconds quickly describe the first thing you see. Now describe it through the eyes of a person who is colorblind.

All right! Now that you're all warmed up, get to work! And please feel free to share your prompt answers! :)

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  1. My character, Kyle, if stuck on an island would most likely want his camera. As a photographer, he doesn't function well without it. As for survival, he'd proabably have little to no trouble there. He's very outdoorsy, anyway. Once he found a way to create a fire, he'd just go from there... :)