Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mixing It Up

It's definitely been one of those weeks.

I had all these wonderful goals in mind for my current work in progress and resolved this would be the week where the rest of my work wouldn't cut into my novel writing time.

Naturally (cue ominous music), when you've got the best of intentions, many, many things will come up unexpectedly that'll cut into your writing time and leave you feeling like a big fat failure.

Thankfully, it's only Thursday, and there's still another day this work week to make my writing dreams of grandeur happen. But in the meantime, I was thankful to come across this helpful little gem on one of my favorite writing sites, Write It Sideways.

It's about four writing routines that you can live with, and I gotta say, I felt downright inspired. It has solutions for people who've only got 10 minutes to write. Yeah, doesn't everyone have at least 10 minutes they can dedicate to his/her craft?

The answer, by the way, is yes.

Now it's your turn...what are you working on and what obstacles have prevented you from accomplishing your writing dreams? How do you make time for writing the thing that's so important for you?

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