Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time Saving Tip of the Week

Two words: Harris Teeter! It saved my butt (and my deadline) this week.

(I’m not being paid anything to say this.)

If you have a Harris Teeter in your area, you can order your groceries online (I did this while the baby napped) and pick it up at the time of your choosing.

The service for this is $4.95 a visit or $16.95 for unlimited shopping a month.

You can even use coupons and your VIC card!

(I only spent $62 on groceries this week because I didn’t make any extra random impulse purchases I probably would have made by going to Wal-Mart.)

So tell us… how did you make more time to write this week?


  1. That sounds awesome! I just ignored laundry to get writing time in. I did check to make sure everyone had at least one pair of undies first. ;)

  2. Yay! Go Jessica! I'm all about ignoring the laundry, LOL.