Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I've been caught red-handed.

Boy did I just learn a lesson:

Never read Scribble Chicks when you just went to Wal-Mart in your jammies.

Erynn’s post from yesterday pretty much upped the standard. I’ve been chilling out today, watching the mold grow, and formatting the next part of the book. In my head.

Yep that’s right. No actual words on paper yet. I was writing in my head while I shopped for groceries.

Ever do that?

Anyway, I have to say I’m inspired. ‘Cause I’m starting to realize that if I want to get something in life… I often have to give something up.

So yes, I’m upping the standard for  myself. While I’ve been semi-productive and chill, I’m moving it up to uber-productive… but hopefully still chill.

Thanks Erynn.

{And if my editor's reading this... have no fear. I am right on target to finish the book before deadline. Just thinking it's possible for me to apply myself and get it done even sooner... and also perhaps lose some of the baby chub at the same time?}


  1. Just subscribing to comments...

  2. Okay.

    First off, my kid is over a YEAR older than your precious daughter and I can guarantee that I was definitely still going to Walmart in my jammies when Nathan was her age. Really we were there in our jammies until he started sleeping 12-13 hours a night (and that day is a BEAUTIFUL day when that happens!!).

    Second off, my latest eating-while-writing food has been M&Ms. Thus the workouts.

    And third off, I would just like to say that I got zilch done on my deadline yesterday. Some days, it just doesn't click. So rather than have a massive rewrite the next day, I'd rather just take the day off and go have some brain mending time. ;)

    You are doing great! When Nathan was that little, I would have a panic attack just thinking about deadlines. ;)