Friday, April 25, 2014

Research Trips

Anyone ever taken a trip to research your novel? Or just taken a trip for fun and ended up doing novel research while you were there?

My family is planning to head the beach soon (yay!!!!) and I've already got pieces of a story in my head that I think I want to do be doing some unofficial research for while we're there. And I started thinking about that and realized I'm not sure I can remember a trip where I didn't do a little bit of dreaming about a story and pay attention to the details of the setting because of that.

So, two things. First--have you done a research trip? Would you if money wasn't an issue? And where would you go? Historical writers, you might have to get creative. I know you can't go back in time, but there are old places you could visit, right?

Second--remind me what I should pay attention to. What are the details that you'd love to see included in a story that help you get a grasp on the setting? Is it what it looks like? What the characters eat? Something else entirely?

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nano Wrimo?

So I'm not a fiction writer... obviously.

But I've noticed you NanoWrimo people take this thing pretty seriously.

So with November obviously sneaking up on us (baha), give me the TOP TWO reasons I should think about writing a novel for fun.

In 3...2...1...

Monday, April 21, 2014

So It's Not Friday...

Friday is my official posting day, but y'all, I've missed you enough that I just wanted to pop over and say hi! I'm sorry for being MIA these last few weeks. It's been a rough month, but God has really gotten my family through it and hopefully we're getting some sense of routine back now. Hopefully I'll have a "real" post for your Friday, full of fabulous advice. Or, um, something like that. ;)

But for now I just wanted to check in! How is everyone? What are you struggling most with writing-wise these days? What's going wonderfully?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Assignment or Passion?

I'm a journalist. Sometimes I get socked with projects that aren't my specialty.

Yesterday I actually wrote the words, "If you’re partner’s commented that your headlights are shining a little brighter these days, it might not be imagination. Scientists believe that this hormonal shift, causing some pregnant women to literally go bright purple, is nature’s way of helping newborns find the “target” after birth."

Yup. I wrote that. I, the woman whose body doesn't believe it is capable of carrying babies... am writing about pregnancy. But I busted out the pregnancy humor and voila--found myself having fun.

So what about you? Have you ever written about something that wasn't your passion? How did you make it fun for yourself?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Congrats are in order...

So we've been a little MIA here at Scribble Chicks lately, but that's because there's just so much good news everywhere!

Erynn had her sweet little baby - CONGRATS! So, pray for sleep....(hehe)

I (Betsy) turned 30 - YIKES! So, pray for free anti-wrinkle cream.... (hehe)

Sarah Varland has signed another contract with Love Inspired Suspense - WOOHOO!! So, pray for sanity and chocolate)...  (hehe)

So tell us - what's worth celebrating in your life today?

(And for the record, so far 30 isn't too bad at all!)

Also, if you have any questions or topics you'd like us to address, please comment and let us know!

We're SO proud of you - Scribblechick readers - and your progress and the headway you're making toward your goals. We're always here to help and celebrate and commiserate with you - whatever you need.