Monday, April 21, 2014

So It's Not Friday...

Friday is my official posting day, but y'all, I've missed you enough that I just wanted to pop over and say hi! I'm sorry for being MIA these last few weeks. It's been a rough month, but God has really gotten my family through it and hopefully we're getting some sense of routine back now. Hopefully I'll have a "real" post for your Friday, full of fabulous advice. Or, um, something like that. ;)

But for now I just wanted to check in! How is everyone? What are you struggling most with writing-wise these days? What's going wonderfully?


  1. Oh yay! A post! ;)
    I am frustrated that I'm not done with my current revisions that need completed asap. I want to sink my teeth into something new. Hoping to wrap it up but some days I have other responsibilities like kids who are sick or need yet another meal (somehow, I often find a writing/revising groove right before it's time to start dinner).

  2. I'm with cjoy. I'm glad to see a post! :)
    I think my biggest struggle right now is simply the fact that I've had to do so much writing for college that when I get ready to write for pleasure, I sit down and just feel drained and uninspired. I feel like I'm be unproductive and uncreative, so I feel bad and get depressed because I miss my characters. By the way, I've discovered that saying things like "I miss my characters." is not too well received in the general public. ;)

  3. Ashley! lol NO that just means you've arrived ;)

  4. Missed, you friend. Take as long as you need...