Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nano Wrimo?

So I'm not a fiction writer... obviously.

But I've noticed you NanoWrimo people take this thing pretty seriously.

So with November obviously sneaking up on us (baha), give me the TOP TWO reasons I should think about writing a novel for fun.

In 3...2...1...


  1. 1) It's fun.
    2) You'll feel very accomplished afterwards :-)


  2. I don't actually think NaNoWriMo is always the best idea for everybody... But, it can help release emotional streses and bring happiness!

  3. 1. You discover voices in your head and will never be lonely again. ;)

    2. Then I could read it. And I'm pretty sure I'd like it.

  4. Because you're bound to exceed my word count...I bombed it. Hahaha...

  5. When I did NaNo last year, it really helped me to get in the habit of writing every day and helped to 'train' my brain to work even when I didn't 'feel like it'. As a hobby writer, mainly, I tend to only write when I get an idea or the urge. So this definitely helped me train my brain to get creative every day, any time of day. =) But that's what worked for me, though some may not agree. =)