Friday, April 4, 2014

Congrats are in order...

So we've been a little MIA here at Scribble Chicks lately, but that's because there's just so much good news everywhere!

Erynn had her sweet little baby - CONGRATS! So, pray for sleep....(hehe)

I (Betsy) turned 30 - YIKES! So, pray for free anti-wrinkle cream.... (hehe)

Sarah Varland has signed another contract with Love Inspired Suspense - WOOHOO!! So, pray for sanity and chocolate)...  (hehe)

So tell us - what's worth celebrating in your life today?

(And for the record, so far 30 isn't too bad at all!)

Also, if you have any questions or topics you'd like us to address, please comment and let us know!

We're SO proud of you - Scribblechick readers - and your progress and the headway you're making toward your goals. We're always here to help and celebrate and commiserate with you - whatever you need.


  1. Congrats to everybody! Ya'll have a lot to celebrate!

    And so do I! My next novel placed as a top 30 winner in a nationwide contest with over 300 entries. God is good!

    Oh, and a friend just bought me some Kona coffee. He hand picked the roasts and everything. That is worth celebrating too. ;)

  2. Yay to all of you! (Including Alicia from the comments, yay!) And Erynn's baby is *so* cute! I've been waiting for Parker to arrive for months and he's just adorable!

    What do I have to celebrate? Lots! Being in Asia this month. Being in Europe next month... Having traveled on one week less than five months in the last twelve months. Yep... Celebrating a busy, full life!

    1. Thank you! And how fun! I'd love to travel like that.

  3. I love good news and excitement! Congratulations everyone!
    I've got some news, too...I finaled in the COTT Olympia contest! Another month before they announce winners, but this was enough to shock me for a solid year, I think. :)

    (Oh, and've got about 8 years before the anti-wrinkle cream becomes an issue. Don't ask how I know this.)