Monday, January 30, 2012

Quiet Time

I have an 18-month-old son whose new favorite word is "Play."

"Play? Play? Mommy? Play?"

It's very cute until I realize that May is coming quick and I signed my contract in ink. And not that erasable ink that was all the rage waaaay back in the second grade (please tell me I am not the only one to remember when those pens came out).

So, I've been trying to find ways to get my deadline completed and still have the time and mental energy to play with my son who loves it so. And the best and longest slot of time for me to write is when he's napping.

Which means that all of the other 153 things I usually do while he's napping I now have to get done before he wakes up in the morning or while he's awake.

I am not the best at early rising.

Actually, I'm not even second best. I'm somewhere WAY down at the bottom of the list amidst those other people who are clinging for dear life to their pillows and mumbling, "Go away! Good night Moon!"


For the sake of my deadline, though, I have been attempting to get up. And not just get up. I've been attempting to wake up, work out, shower, do my devotion and eat breakfast (previously in the last 18 months, I'd only heard rumors about this morning meal. Breakfast? Surely you meant coffee?). All before my son wakes up and is raring to go play.

One of the best things I do for my writing? Read my devotion in the mornings. Sometimes it's nice to just remember why I love to do what I do. I love writing - but more than that, I love the opportunities God has brought that come with the writing.

And so. My alarm is now set for every weekday morning. And my brain is finally starting to run out of excuses for not getting up. And my writing is actually reaping the benefits.

What about you? Is there something you've been putting off changing in your current schedule that will allow you more time or more quality time to write?


  1. That is inspiring for sure! Good for you ma'am!! I'm in the same boat lately. Little Miss is 3 and 1/2 now and has all these AWESOME, creative, imaginative games she wants to play that she invents on her own with their own rules....and has to have me play too. Which means I can't be as productive during the day either AND she's been getting up at 7 or sooner lately instead of her former 8-8:30. Sigh. I also just started working out at the gym so that's an addition to my plate but it does help me feel better about myself. Endorphins are truly a writer's best friend! It's hard for our kids especially as they get older to realize that

    It's also harder for me because lately she doesn't nap every day because of other actitivies (like Tuesday dance class, etc) and I've been writing like crazy for the Forum newspaper (which is instant $!) and it's been tough to find time for fiction too. But now that I've been laid off my part time away from home job in the oil and gas industry, I will have 3 mornings a week while she is at preschool to write. I'm hoping that makes the difference!

  2. Ha! I left my thought hanging halfway through. I'm so exhausted today. I meant that it's harder for them to realize as they get older in that toddler/kid stage that mommy is still working and doing something important even though they don't "see" it.