Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are you stuck?

I posted this video on my personal blog yesterday ( because WOW.

This is my new official anthem. This is my heartbeat.

Please listen to this, in full, and just soak it in. Let Jesus strengthen you on your journey, writing related or not, through this brand new song by Meredith Andrews. I LOVE how excited she gets halfway into it, you can tell so clearly how much she believes in what she's singing.


If you need a boost today, I don't know of a THING more likely to break your writer's block, lift your spirits, propell you forward, and inspire you to keep on writing for your King than this.

PS - prayers appreciated as I teach this weekend (Friday/Saturday) at the NOLA STARS conference in Shreveport, Louisiana. (local chapter of the RWA - Romance Writers of America) !!


  1. Praying for you! Friday and Saturday are also, Lord willing, going to be big days for me. I would appreciate your prayers also!