Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are you a Downton Writer?

The first season I watched Downtown Abbey, I finished it at 2 a.m., and cursed the six hours I'd wasted.

I've watched every season since.

Are you a Downton watcher? If so, what draws you into the show? Characters? Plot? How is the pacing (a bit rushed toward the end of this season, in my opinion... but apparently there was a reason for that).

What can you use, good or bad, to strengthen your own writing?


  1. I've never seen it but everyone talks about it!
    What is pacing by the way?

  2. I've heard people talking about this show, too. I haven't looked into it, though. I definitely need to learn more about pacing, but I also struggle with starting strong. I can leave you with a great ending, but coming up with a "hooking" beginning is a real weakness for me.

  3. I love Downton! But that last episode, oh goodness. Worst way to end a season. Ever.

    I think the characters are what draw me in. They are all so unique and while they are somewhat predictable, they still surprise me sometimes - they're very real.

  4. I haven't seen it yet either! I'm sort of afraid to start for fear of never accomplishing anything else. haha.

    Ashley, that's common. I think it's mostly because when we start a new story, it takes a while to find our groove and get to know the character, etc. So by the end of the book everything is strong and working out because we KNOW the story. That's when you go back and shore up the beginning :) Most people's chapter 1's aren't set in stone and get revised to a degree.

    Tonya - pacing is the flow of the story. I'll blog on that right now....hang on. lol Was needing a topic so thanks!

  5. Oh I love Downton. And so does my husband!
    But we just started this season and there were so many comments on FB that I made the GRAVE mistake of clicking on that link to see what all the fuss was about.
    ***groooaan.... :(

  6. Yeah I saw on FB too a lot of upset. I have no idea what though since my only guilty TV pleasure right now is Bunheads. lol Ahh, Truly. I LOVE Truly.