Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Writing against the odds

There are times in your life (and if there hasn't been there will be) when you have to write and can't. Or need to write and can't, because your emotional energy is just drained. You're empty. You're hurting or overwhelmed or just flat out EXHAUSTED.

This could be a severe crisis that has happened, or a rush of time interruptions like the holidays, or simply a big temporary change in routine like Erynn's potty training experience of late ;)

But regardless, as a writer, you have to work through it. And you might as well start practicing now before it's official.

Note: Extensions can be given. It's not good to ask all the time, but when truly warranted and used infrequently, it's OKAY. It's OKAY to be honest and say "hey, I'm doing all I can but I need help. I need time." Don't be afraid of that in the future when you're working with editors and agents. Don't abuse it, either, of course.

But what do you do when the issue isn't going away, and you have to keep going?

This is where your relationship with God is crucial. You have to maintain this or NOTHING will happen. You will simply get used up. So in the chaos, in the crisis, in the storm, in the hectic-ness, remember that truth. Keep on investing time with God no matter what. If everything else falls through the cracks, don't let that. Because that's the only thing that will fix the rest.

Trust me, I speak from experience right now.

In the meantime, I hope your current writing days are breezy and easy. Just remember this lesson for me. One day, you'll need it.

And hopefully one day, I'll be on the other side of it.


  1. Oh...I hope your month is better than my month. I've been having conversations this week with the Lord like, "WHY aren't mercies fresh at the end of the day, too??" (But guess what? I found the mercies, I just had to look beneath the rubble of the day.)

    Even with those mercies, I've been drained in such deep ways I've been wondering how I could possibly write a single word. So thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Bless you for saying that potty training is "temporary". I keep reminding myself of that. ;) Praying for you, dear friend!!

  3. "If everything else falls through the cracks, don't let that. Because that's the only thing that will fix the rest."

    I've found this out through experience, too. Loved your honest post and encouragement. :)

  4. Praying for you, Betsy!
    This is actually something I contend with ALL the time. Having a chronic illness makes writing hard because at the moment writing isn't my number one priority, although I want it to be.
    Looking to The Lord is the best thing you can do. For a while iwas panicked over how I'd ever be able to achieve my dreams and I prayed about it a lot. Sometimes last fall I felt really convicted (and am still working on) putting publishing aside and learning my legit limits in writing while all my other stuff exists. So when it comes time for me to pursue publication I won't over commitment and end up in the hopsital. I think God laid it on my heart. I still think about publishing and want to obsess over wanting it NOW but career doesn happen overnight and the wise thing to do is know exactly how long it takes me to do a book, even if its only one a year.

  5. Thank you Tonya. And that sounds wise!