Monday, February 4, 2013

Potty Training and Proposals

Ideally, the two should not combine.

More often in the regular, normal, oops-we-now-have-to-wash-eight-pairs-of-undies world we live in, they do.

We have talked an awful lot about proposals on this blog. Some of us have talked an awful lot about proposals in our novels and books too. So now, I want to ask YOU a question:

What else do you need/want to know about proposals? What would you like to know about finding an agent or a publisher? Need help setting up a website??

Ask away, friends!!

If you need me in the meantime, I'll just be Clorox-ing my entire house...


  1. I went to dinner with some people from ACFW and when I was asked four times if I had a card, I knew it was time to step it up. I'm perusing cards NOW. And I bought myself the domain name I wanted and started a blog on it for this purpose! :)
    Other than a conference, how would one find an agent or publisher? Just in case.

  2. Crystal, definitely spring for a business card. Vista print has them for great prices and you can custom make them or pick an existing design. Super easy!

    Good job on getting your domain now. Perfect!
    Whats your blog addy so I can come visit? :)

    Other than conferences, I'd say the best way to go about getting an agent (because it's really hard to get a publisher without one, because so few houses now a days accept manuscripts without agents. Love Inspired still does, and the small presses, but that's almost it. That's why conferences are so great because if you DON'T have an agent, and an editor meets you and requests your proposal or manuscript, it's an open door you would NOT have had through a blind mail out! Sort of like you get to cheat ::wink::) is to just google/research the various agents out there. Make your choices and study their guidelines, and submit accordingly. Never submit to more than one agent at a single agency! lol Multiple agent submissions are allowed but courtesy requests you notify them of that in the query.

    My first box of cards has officially been ordered, with Crystal *** writing as C. Joy Allen. I got suckered, though...there's a second box I want fiercely! LOL! And I might just do it anyway.

    I feel like a little girl giddy with delight on her birthday! ;D

    Thanks for the agent tips. The plan is the conference (I will keep speaking it into being!), but a plan B is always good to have in your back pocket.

  4. potty training experience (2 boys, 1 girl so far) is that sometimes boys simply don't want to do it yet (and are not mature enough/cognitively ready) and it's more work than it's worth. I had to let it go for a while and when we tried again (closer to 3 1/2 yrs old or so), it was waaay easier.
    Good luck and have fun....done chloroxing yet? :D

  5. Wait, Erynn, you're only washing 8 pairs of undies a day???? Come on, tell me your secret! I think we average closer to 10... ;)

  6. Oh gracious. But I have SEEN THE LIGHT these last few days!! We only have had one tiny pee dribble yesterday and that has been it the past two days. PRAYING we have turned the corner! Yay for business cards, Crystal!!!! :) :) :) And Sarah, ack. So glad there are people out there who feel my pain (or my washer's pain!)! Ha! ;)