Friday, March 1, 2013

Designing for Writing

So this morning I was at a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting and we had a speaker sharing with us about home decorating and design. One of her main premises was that our surroundings do affects us and we should take that into consideration.

And as I thought about this all day (and rearranged my living room to make it look better…) I thought about the spaces where we write.

I’m not suggesting you invest $20,000 into building your own office, and furnishing it with comfy furniture and an espresso machine. Although that would be awesome, wouldn’t it? But think about where you write. Can you be creative there? Or would you be more creative somewhere else?

Some people write best as desks. Some people write best sitting in a chair with a laptop.

Some days there’s nothing like being outside to get my creativity flowing. Some days I work at my desk. I’ve done the best I can to make my desk a happy place filled with things I love that inspire me. Although this week it’s gotten really cluttered and my writing word count has slowed. Hm. Maybe there’s something to that.

What about you? How can you change your surroundings, decorate differently, or make another change to encourage you in your writing?

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  1. I think I write better when there are people around -not people I know, though. (I'll end up talking rather than writing.) I just get a lot of inspiration from people-watching. So... I guess this justifies my plans to drop by the local frozen yogurt/coffee place with my laptop in the near future. It's writing... not enjoying a medium white chocolate cappuccino. ;)