Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The nitty on story boards

Is nitty a word?


I taught at that conference last weekend that I mentioned, and thanks for any prayers! It went really well and I had a great time in my workshop on taming the dreaded synopsis :)  There was a workshop offered that I didn't get to take that was on Storyboarding. And I thought "hey, that might be a topic we haven't actually covered on Scribble Chicks yet!" ha. (have we? if so I'm turning red now)

I actually DON'T storyboard but that's basically just because I'm not as creative in that sense. If you're a writer, though, who is also a little crafty, or really great at visuals, this could open up new doors for you in your writing!

Storyboarding is putting a visual element to your novel in progress. This could be like a scrapbook, or it could be like a bulletin board you hang photos and notes on to view as you go. Some authors storyboard strictly by pictures, to create a setting for their novel and be able to view their characters at a glance (to avoid the question mid-sentence "hey, does my hero have blue eyes or brown?")

Others storyboard by sticky notes, which is less visual but still gives them something tangible to touch and move around and organize. I know a girl who storyboards this way by index cards. She writes scenes on the cards and then arranges the scenes in the order she wants. Pretty cool! I sort of wish my head worked that way :)

(This is slightly off subject but still cool) Other authors edit by color. They go through and print their manuscript after their first draft, and highlight each element of their novel in different colors. Say, pink for romance thread. Blue for setting. Green for conflict. Yellow for secondary threads (like suspense, or whatever) This way they can see if they've gone under or over in these areas throughout the novel. You could even do it where you highlight only dialogue and see how balanced it is throughout.

Pretty cool ideas huh? I really should use some of these for next contract!

Does anyone here like to storyboard?

(sorry, just realized today is Tuesday not Wednesday! This post still counts for tomorrow!)


  1. Wow. I am DIGGING the color idea for threads. I would like to dabble in fiction, but only for my own pleasure! (Yup, I know I'm supposed to stay within my genre for publishing :)

  2. You could start your trend of crossing fiction & non-fiction. I bet your fiction is a riot! :)

    Betsy, I've never technically storyboarded but I do have a Pinterest board for my WIP . It's fun when you see an outfit your character would wear. I heard about the color editing thing not to long ago & thought it sounded awesome! Im in the middle of a rewrite but when I get to editing i plan on trying it!

  3. Bekah...pen name. ;)

    Pinterest! Yes, Tonya that's genius :) Lots of authors doing that now too. Awesome idea.

  4. I use Pinterest to see my character's faces, and I take pics on my phone if I see a face in a catalog or someplace unusual that I like. (I have NOT had guts to ask real people, but there is temptation!). I also pinned a wedding ring I liked so I could describe it better. hahaha.