Tuesday, July 17, 2012


If you know me, you know I'm all about saving time. Because the less time I spend on chores, the more time I spend on writing. (If "writing" is code for "sleeping").
I've talked about ways to cheat the clock before--like ordering groceries to the curb. But this week I want to talk about my new best friend:

You're probably very familiar with this little beauty, but did you know it can make your life even simpler if you add a little plastic into the picture?

Take some zip-locs, add your fresh ingredients for each meal (ordered to the curb :), label each bag with a day of the week, and in a matter of an hour you can have one weeks' worth of meals ready to throw on the crockpot every morning.

Freezer meals... but healthier than those with all the added sodium.

So tell me... what's your time-saving tip of the week? 'Cause I sure could use a little more sleep.

Thanks for reading my mom's blog post. She likes saving time because I monopolize most of it. But I'm cute... so hello. I so deserve it.


  1. Crock pots don't like me. And they won't tell me why :( lol

  2. Time saving tip?
    The plastic liners for slow cookers - my biggest problem is the cleaning of that huge pot when I'm done. The liner means I eliminate that step. It's my best friend in crock pot land....(I will not confess the result of NOT using those liners....)