Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see my first book in print.

I had a dream. Literally. The publisher sent me a box of my books—all of which looked like Victorian romance novels—all of which had my name on the front—none of which had my actual writing inside.

So imagine my relief when, for the first time last week, I got to see the cover for my book. It was edgy. It was sweet. It was not a Victorian romance novel.

(I think they’re hoping the awesome cover will take the sting out of my edits. :)

So if you know a teen girl who’s in that dating or waiting stage of life, and appreciates a little sarcasm—check it out the book, The Bare Naked Truth... with entries written by two of our favorite Scribble Chicks--Erynn and Betsy (+ Susie Shellenberger, Camy Tang, and many more!).

In the meantime I'll keep dreaming... and maybe these edits won't hurt as much as I'm thinking.

Bekah Hamrick Martin is a grateful Scribble Chick (humbled to be in the presence of greatness!), and a lover of all things teen. She and her boy are celebrating their 5th anniversary, and second child... which just happens to be made out of 224 paper pages. :)


  1. Friend* but hey, congrats to all involved. LOL

  2. Pre-ordered mine and can't wait until they arrive! So many will benefit from this book!