Monday, July 23, 2012

Back in the saddle

Thank you all for the sweet comments and prayers. They are very appreciated!

This week has been all about getting back into the grove writing. I've got a pretty predictable routine down now - my son takes a three hour nap from 1-4. The first two hours are writing time. I aim for about 2,000 words. Sometimes, though, I have to spend time doing important business like checking Pinterest, which is why the last hour of Nathan's nap time is either more writing time or recharging/housework time depending on the day. Most of the time, housework wins which is why I'll probably be working on the same rag quilt for 76 years. ;)

And I know my little Nater Tot won't nap like this forever, so I'm counting my blessings while they are here!!

What are your writing routines? Do you need noise or quiet? A desk or a couch? Actual clothing or sweatpants? For me, I need fall and winter in order to REALLY write well, but I probably have a few more months of severe heat before that comes. ;)

Whatever it is that helps you write, I hope you are able to set aside some good working time this week!


  1. It's come to the point where all I need is a toddler NOT saying "Mama, I need". That's it. lol I can be anywhere, in any weather, location, season, clothing or whatever, and be uber productive. haha. I miss naptime! Little Miss, now that she's four and has been in preschool and currently in a two day a week summer school program (which is only three weeks long, so, like, 6 sessions is it) she's thrown away naps unless I lay down with her and we nap together. If she goes to her room now for a nap or rest time, she plays and talks and sings in her bed or calls for me a dozen times or gets up to make excuses a dozen times, so it's actually MORE productive for me to set her up in the afternoon with an art project or cartoon or coloring book to get some word count. And even then its peppered with "Mama I need". ;)

    My biggest fear is that one of my books will make it to the shelf with the words "Mama" or "poo poo" or "Capri Sun" or "Cheezits" somewhere inside that aren't meant to be......hahahaha

  2. If I'm just writing (like a first draft or planning) I can have music, tv, or ppl around.
    If I'm editing I need quiet.

    Could you guys talk some about organizing your writing? If you have any systems for it. Working on my 2nd draft I'm getting a discombobulated.

  3. I home school 2 of my 4 kids (the other 2 are not that old yet), year-round. Only 1 still naps. That means I am NEVER alone. But we always take Friday off. It gives me a sanity day and I can turn on the TV when the baby naps for psuedo-alone time. I have learned to adapt to the craziness around me, and I can sometimes write while my husband is watching something at night. If I'm absorbed in it, I might only get a few lines down...haha.

    Once my characters came alive and started walking and talking and doing in my head (I almost feel schizophrenic!), I find that they don't just go away regardless of what I'm doing. Mostly, I ponder and do any necessary research during the day then write in the evenings...(versus folding the pile of clean clothes still on the couch...writing is a good motivator to avoid laundry or other chores).

    I'm with the question on organizing...and what about (hanging my head in shame) CHAPTERS? I stopped trying to figure out where to start a new chapter since I wasn't always sure what was coming...and my WIP is one long document. =/

    ps...fall is the best time of year for ANYthing. :)