Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Holiday Reminder....

Hey guys! Happy Fourth of July! :)

We just got back from a 5 day cruise to Progreso, Yucatan and Cozumel in Mexico. Talk about an eye opener and making you feel grateful for what you have! They might have beautiful beaches but what good are they when you can't afford to go enjoy them? When you are living in such squalor that the ocean might be the only bathtub you can get to?

I realize the entire country isn't like that, but we drove through some parts on the way to a private beach excursion that really made my heart hurt for these people. Stray dogs in the dirt streets, tiny, short, falling down buildings and shacks, stained and torn laundry hanging on lines outside in the polluted made me realize how good we have it here in America.

Despite the current turmoil during this election year (and I will NOT start getting political here, trust me. I don't have the energy) we need to remember to keep a heart of gratitude and an attitude of prayer for our country. We might disagree with a lot but we are so blessed to have the freedoms we have, and the opportunities we have. Even just running water, electricity, gas, etc.

It's important to vote and look at the big picture but don't get so overwhelmed that you forget to be grateful for the little things - that are huge to someone else. It's all about perspective.

Sorry this isn't craft related, but was on my heart today and seemed fitting for the holiday! Happy 4th! Eat a barbeque rib for me ;)


  1. I've heard the easiest route to publication is through writing romance.
    If romance isn't my first choice genre, what are you thoughts on writing it?
    I understand the whole not writing only what's hot right now but I feel like my question is a little different than that. Maybe I should phrase it-
    Will you have a better chance of writing & getting published only focusing on what you want to write most?
    Try to make a name for yourself in what's published most (romance) & then use that to switch to you want.

    Does that make sense?

  2. Hey Suri! :)

    I don't know if that's 100% true about romance being the easiest route to publication but since it's a huge genre, maybe there are technically more openings for new authors? I'm not sure about that. Historical fiction is super hot right now as is Amish. YA and fantasy keep swinging up and down. The market is ever changing!

    I say write what you know and what you want to write, not settle for an "easy genre" that your heart isn't in. Because a subpar story with no passion in it from the author isn't going to sell no matter how many openings are available.

    I don't really think there is any "chance" in the publishing industry. It boils down to talent/time put in, plus a huge heaping of God's timing and plan :)

    But I know what you're meaning.

    To answer your last question flat out, I'd say the first one. Because if you try to make a name for yourself in something more common like romance and then suddenly want to switch to YA or Horror or Fantasy or Historical, it's not going to be easy and most publishers won't let you. You'd be starting from scratch in a lot of ways. Publishers like to "brand" their authors, meaning sticking to a certain expectation. Branding doesn't have to mean genre but it typically does.

  3. That explains a lot about why most writers don't jump from genre to genre. I thought it was just because they like a certain one. Interesting.

  4. Sorry to comment twice, but after I commented first, a question came to mind. It's about genre. My current project is based upon one of my favorite songs. It's a little different in that I don't know what genre it would fall under. It has a hint of historical fiction in that the setting reflects Jane Austen's era, yet it isn't a real place. Also, it kind of has a fairy tale feel about it, but it's not quite fantasy, either. It also has a lot of Biblical references and is somewhat of a parable about the modern-day church. Honestly, I'm not sure what genre it would fall under. Any ideas? :/