Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New beginnings

So my Little Miss starts her first day of Mother's Day Out today. I feel like I'm sending her off to school! She's two, and I wanted her to do this one day a week so preschool won't be such a shock to her clingy, shy little self next year. I have to bring a rest mat and pack her a lunch like a big girl... oh! Pray for both for us!

Thankfully I'll miss the tears-part, because my mom is taking her while I work.. so Nana will be the "mother with the break" today. :)

Sometimes we all experience the joy and pain of being new. Of first days. New ventures. Many of you might be on the verge of that now and attending your first conference. I highly recommend the ACFW conference in Indianapolis, though I will miss it this year. Look for me in 2011 though!! Maybe you aren't attending your first conference (which is a lot like the first day of school in some respects! lol) but maybe you're about to send your first proposal. Query your first agent. Send your first critiqe of your own precious baby to a fellow writer friend's eager red pen.

Whatever the case, you aren't alone. Just like Little Miss will make new friends and be well taken care of, so you will. By your friends, your mentors, your prayer buddies, your family, and of course, your Lord.

Share with us today. Any big firsts coming up?? :)

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  1. I can relate. My two-year-old spends his days with me or his grandma. I've been thinking about a mother's day out too. The church nursery is a struggle every week.