Wednesday, September 1, 2010

'Fess up...

Okay, it's time for a little true confession.

No, no, no, this will be fun, I promise. (And it's only truth, so don't try to take the "dare" option and streak your neighbhorhood instead...)

What are your manuscript boo-boo's?

That's what I like to call repeated mistakes. Do you have a heroine in your story that bites her lip in so many tags that she should be a bloody mess by now? Does your hero run his fingers through his hair so much he's probably in dire need of Head & Shoulders? Do you overuse the word "definitely" or "really"? Do you perform a "find" search in your Word document and come up with the word "just" about 1500 times per manuscript?

Oh wait. Those are my confessions... lol

What are yours? What are your critique partners constantly hounding - err, reminding - you about? Everyone has their quirks in writing, their "oops" habits they just can't seem to kick. So 'fess up. Let's break out the highlighter and do some group editing!!


  1. I use the word "really" way too much and "inky darkness descends" on my character when she turns off the light every other page! :) i'm sure i have more, but those are just the ones I'm aware of...

  2. I use "actually" and "just" and far too many passive verbs when they aren't necessary. (It was pointed out to me in a critique group that I had used "was" 57 times in one chapter.) That was a rather painful edit!