Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lessons from the Beach

Last week, I spent a few days in Gulf Shores, Alabama with my parents and Little Miss. (hence why I missed my post last week! OOPS!) We were able to share a condo for super cheap, and my parents graciously paid for my part of the gas and groceries. Hubby had to stay behind and work, he has a job right now that's temporary but going really well and didn't want to mess it up or lose pay. My sacrificial hero! =)

We had a good trip, I blogged about it Monday on my blog at Check it out for highlights and pictures! Little Miss was TOO cute on the beach! She did great, despite being taken out of her comfort zone and adjusting to a totally new environment and schedule. She's 2 yrs and 2 months, and I just wasn't sure if this vacation would be more stressful than fun. But she did GREAT in so many ways and really surprised me even on the 9 hour drive there and back!

It made me think about our writing life and how sometimes change is scary but it can often be just what we need. Little Miss thrives on her routine at home but had absolutely no problem temporarily adjusting to a new "home", a new bed, a new sleep routine (me and her had to share a bed for the first time in her life, EVER!!) different cartoons, different clothes (bathing suits and cover ups and sunhats and sunglasses) etc.

She also had NO problem adjusting back into her old routine, with zero protest. I feared she might not want to sleep in her crib alone after sleeping with me in a bed for 4 nights. But there were no issues at all! Same with the beach. She loved going but put up few protests about going back home. Such a trooper.

Which made me think...

Are we troopers with the change in our life? Are we afraid to branch out and try new things with our writing? Try writing a suspense instead of a historical? Try writing category instead of traditional? Try writing a novella instead of a full-length? Try pitching to a small press instead of a mainstream publisher? Try joining a new critique group or taking that creative writing course at the local college?

By holding on to our fears of change, we could be robbing ourselves of the blessings of new.

What came to mind when you read the above ? I'm guessing that's what you need to be praying about doing this week.

We might just surprise ourselves! And I happen to know God is a big fan of surprises. He loves blessing His children...just like I love treating Little Miss to Dippin' Dots and stuffed turtle toys on the beach. =)

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  1. Your Little Miss is just adorable! :) Great post, Betsy :)