Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too real to be fiction...

Does your real life affect your fiction writing?

Or does your fiction writing affect your real life?

Think about it... 'fess up.

Have you ever been guilty of picking a fight with your spouse or family member or friend because you were at that point in your novel and wanted the emotions to come across realistic? lol

Have you ever been guilty of forcing yourself out of a bad mood in order to write a happy scene, or found yourself feeling somewhat melancholy while writing a melancholy scene when minutes before you started writing, you were on top of the world?

No wonder people think writers are crazy! :)

Emotions definitely need to play a role in our writing. I'm not suggesting you pick fights (unless your husband enjoys making up, but hey that's a post for another day!!) but next time you find yourself in a particular mood, try to write a scene for your WIP at that time, even if that means skipping ahead in your story. Just try it out and see if the emotions click better than when you force yourself to write scene by scene in order, regardless of mood.

You never know what creativity this exercise might unleash!

Sometimes as authors all we need is one step outside the box to beat writer's block or reach a new level in our author-reader connection. (or author-editor connection!)

Of course, it might backfire...

So if you all come back to me weepy instead of happy, happy instead of weepy, and/or with a line of unhappy husbands behind you, hey, I apologize in advance =P

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  1. hahaha I can totally relate (except for the husband part!). I've been trying to write a scene with certain emotion that requires me to feel sad/angry/bitter, and I'm just too happy of a person. So when I start feeling like that, I go running up to my room and start writing before it goes away!