Monday, June 28, 2010

Reading Time

I've been thinking about something the last few days, probably because it's only been in the last few days that I've had the time to! :)

Last week, I read a fiction book (front to back!) just for the fun of reading for the first time in about six months. It was SO nice! I love, love, LOVE to read and all these months of not having the time to has been hard.

I finished the book early Saturday morning. I set it down and just felt so invigorated and inspired to get my laptop and start writing. Have you ever felt that way after reading a novel?

And - if you have felt that way - have you noticed that what you read typically inspires what you write? For example, if I read a creepy, scary story and love it, I immediately want to write one! Or, if I read a sweet love story, I want to write a story that makes me feel as good as that book did.

And writer's block? The best way I know how to fix writer's block is to put my computer away, change into my comfy clothes and lounge on the couch with a good book. After a few days off from writing, I have the motivation I need to keep going.

But - there are times when reading a great novel doesn't seem to fix my writer's block. Same for you?

When that happens, I have to check and see how much time I've been spending reading the best Book ever written. When you are lacking in creativity, going to the Creator of creativity is usually a good place to go. :)

So what are you reading? How is it inspiring you? And are there specific verses that have helped you in your current WIP?


  1. I'm reading "Perfectly Dateless" by Kristin Billerbeck! It has shown me ways to add pop culture into my writing and do it well, that can be tricky but she's very good at it! Perfectly Dateless is set in 2010 and I think she shows that perfectly with dialogue and descpriptions

  2. I'm not currently reading anything except my own WIPs for editing. But I definitely use reading as a much needed break and an inspirational lift.

  3. So true!! Just finished Siri Mitchell's "She Walks In Beauty" - amazing story. I've been reading a lot of historicals lately (I say a lot, I barely have time to read but when I do its been historicals! lol) and I gotta be careful not to let that seep into my contemporary romance WIP =) They're just so good!

  4. I always want to write what I love to read. So difficult to resist temptation. I should really stick to the one story I am working and not start a dozen new ones every day. :)