Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bare Naked Truth About Jaguars

A cologne presumed to attract women was recently proven to attract something else… jaguars.

Reuters.com says Calvin Klein’s Obsession (for men) was experimented with by the Bronx Zoo as one of several scents they hoped might draw the big cats.

After the initial, shall we say, positive results, Biologists decided to also use the scent to lure jaguars out of their natural jungle habitats as well.

It worked.

I'm sure the last thing Calvin Klein expected was to attract was jaguars. In fact, I can relate. The last thing I expected to attract with my writing was teenagers.

I was, by far, the most awkward teenager that ever lived.


My skin frightened small children at the beach.

My teenage years were not ones that I recalled with warm fondness.

But after my first article hit the press, guess who responded?

The jaguars.... er... teenagers. They wanted to relate; they wanted to talk; they wanted to share their hearts. A teen ministry was born.

Nine years later, working with teens is still outside of my comfort zone.

There are the good times. But there are also occasional nights when, like one night last week, I sat on the bathroom floor and cried.

Maybe you know what I'm talking about. Maybe you've been bathroom floor lately. Maybe discouragement has hit; you question whether you're called to do this thing.

You are. God has placed you here -- in this moment -- to attract people to Himself.

His plan may not look anything like what you expected. But I guarantee if you'll hang on tight you'll have one wild ride... even if it is on the back of a jaguar.

BJ, the author of The Bare Naked Truth About Purity, will be the first to admit she's worn her husband’s deodorant in a pinch. At the moment, however, she will step away from the Calvin Klein.

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  1. I can identify with the diacouragement right now... or just frustration and exhaustion. I thought being a mom would be easier - unlike you, this is what I wanted. :) Thanks for the reminder that this is where God wants me, even if its not like I expected it would be.