Thursday, August 8, 2013

Follow-up to Poll....with a twist....

I'm nabbin' Thursday's slot since Sarah doesn't post until Friday :)

Here's a follow up to my poll from yesterday.

If you took the poll, this is now your homework. If you haven't taken the poll, go take it from yesterday, report it, and get your homework assignment.

I want you guys to take this seriously, because I feel it will help you make progress or get out of a rut, okay? Work with me here :)

If you answered the poll or are about to answer the poll, take your answer (#1, 2 or 3) and think of ONE action step (just one, though there are probably several!!) that you could do to conquer your number. To overcome it. To make it null and void.

One action step.

Report in the comments. Everyone who takes this seriously, thinks it out, and leaves a legit comment with their action step that they are ready to commit to in order to move forward in their career will be entered in a drawing for a $10 Starbucks gift card and a book of their choice from my collection. (Her Family Wish, Fireman Dad, The Rancher Next Door or Addison Blakely, Confessions of a PK)

Remember, if you haven't answered the poll yet, it's not too late. You can do both at once in the comments on this post. If you answered the poll yesterday, just leave your comment of action step here.

GO! :)


  1. Well, my biggest obstacle to overcome was not one you featured. But, taking (was it number one?) about time management, I think cutting out Goodreads and Pinterest until I get certain word counts made will help. :) A good action step for me.

  2. I think all three apply to me, though at this point in my life I struggle the most with fear. My goal for this fall is to set aside at least one hour on weekends and just write. Stop thinking about what others will think if they read it, or if it's the best I can do, and just put words on paper. (Obviously this will also involve time management, but I know ultimately it's fear holding me back).

  3. Since my big struggle was time management, I think I need to start out setting small goals. I actually already started this on August 1st. I'm trying to get in 500 words a day, not including blog posts. If I write in smaller increments I get more done because I don't get bored or burnt out as easily. I even surpassed my goals once or twice last week. :) I think I could make it better by finding someone to hold me accountable for meeting my word count. One thing that has already helped me stay focused dowloading the Scrivener writing software. Because all my stuff is within the program, I don't have to go find things on my computer. This cuts down on distractions significantly. :)

  4. I've been thinking about this and while I don't fully know I have two guesses.
    1. Write with abandon. I spend so much time thinkinging through and OVERANALYZING everyday I end up think it stinks. So of I just wrote? Idk,
    2. Maybe some kind of accountability/brainstorm/crit partner.

  5. Great ideas guys! Yes! :)

    Alicia, that's genius. Cutting back on social media would save us all time. Great thought.

    Trudi, do that! Perfect plan. JUST WRITE.

    Ashley, that sounds smart too. Good idea woman.

    Tonya, I think what you need is to not read back over what you wrote. Like u said, write with abandon and keep going forward and not overthink or undo anything you accomplished by doubting it. And see how far you can get! That'd be a great challenge for you.

    1. Definitely. I don't normally read over what I write immediately, its that over think before I start writing,

  6. My biggest hurdle is probably a fear of failure. Or at least letting the doubt that I'll never *make it* keep me from working as hard as I can. God has really been showing me that this is His will for me! So my goal is to approach my editor/agent appointments with confidence at conference and to take ownership of my work with boldness!

  7. Yesterday I told someone who didn't know about my writing all about it. I'm getting bolder, little by little.
    I've also been seeking feedback and taking all of it very seriously in attempt to improve my craft.

    1. Thanks, Tonya! :) By the way, I totally agree you should write with abandon - get lost in your story...let the characters come alive for you, no matter what rabbit trail it goes down. I remember doing EXACTLY what you describe with re-reading, wondering if it's good enough...just write, and don't worry about it for now. ;)

  8. So proud of you guys!! :)

    I'll try to post the winner next Wednesday. I'll be out of town for work but will hopefully be able to log on and announce it! :) So entries are still accepted up until Tuesday night.