Friday, August 2, 2013

A Second Set of Eyes

It's always good to have a second set of eyes to look over what you're writing. And it's good to take suggestions from people you trust. =)

At long last (haha!) I got the edits back for the novel I have going through the publication process right now. This is all new to me. I, um, kind of thought that after I turned in my revisions we'd change a word here or there, maybe add in a comma if I'd forgotten it, and then they'd sing the praises of my story and send it off to publication months early.




Feel free to join me in my naive laughter. =)

Instead, I've learned that there are several (and maybe more!) rounds of edits to go through. And the thing is, I know some people get grumpy about these, but honestly? I'm kind of enjoying it! It's so fun to have someone go through my story and point out ways I could make it better.

So that's what I'm working on these days. I just wanted to give you a little insight into what this process looks like, at least for me.

For your own writing inspiration purposes, here are some of the things, in general, that I am having to work on.

1. Subplots (as Betsy just talked about!) HAVE to carry through your whole story. Don't forget they're there. If you add them in later in your story, make sure you go back to the beginning and weave them there too.

2. Conflict. Make sure there's a TON. Your heart wants your hero and heroine to get together, but you Must. Keep. Them. Apart. Rub your hands together and yell "mwahahaha!" if that makes it easier for you to keep them from falling in love too easily.

3. Tiny details. Anything you notice that seems off, or that doesn't make sense to you, an editor (or a good crit partner!) is going to notice it. Stop and fix those things now. =)

Any questions about the editing process? About how it feel to have someone make changes to your literary "baby?" About what kind of coffee is my favorite?

Have a happy weekend!


  1. From a beginner's side of what you're talking about, I'm trying to figure out how to tell enough early on. Apparently, I like to hold on to my information too long and drop it like a bomb. Agh! Got to show some to show some threads...sigh
    Pour the coffee; I'll join you across the miles. :)

    1. I know what you mean, and I've done that before too. I think it comes from wanting to make sure you don't info dump and do too much backstory toooooo soon. So yeah, I've definitely been there. You can fix it!

      Sounds good on the coffee! Or hey, we could meet in the middle one day and really have coffee. =)

    2. I'm all over that, Sarah. 8)

  2. I wish I could get to the edition process. I'm having so much trouble getting started. I made up my mind to find ONE idea and stick with it, but I have 3 (or 4) that I absolutely adore. Plus, I have my new blog that I am thoroughly enjoying.
    Anyway, I FINALLY got the Scrivener program on my laptop *sing/clap/dance* so I'm hoping it will help me stay focused better because everything is contained with that project. You open it and your WIP is right there. No digging through folders on your flash drive and seeing the poor, neglected stories sitting there untouched. Lol. How do you stay focused? Any tips on getting past chapter one without wanting to chunk the whole thing? :(
    Cogratulations on your book! Lol. I can't wait for it to hit the shelf. :)

    1. I'm sure Sarah could give you better tips than I could, but as a published author, I have realized the importance of moving on. So you don't like the first chapter. Work on something else you DO like and come back later. As long as you have a plot in mind and know where you are headed, you should be able to go back. Don't waste precious time on something you don't like when you can be focused on something you do. :) There's my tidbit. :)

    2. Is there a part in the story you know you're excited to get to? Write that! It may help some. Idk.

      I personally need a giant kick in the pants to get writing, I've decided to try some short stories and take th pressure off. Yet I still having a hard time getting started.

    3. Alicia, I'm just now learning to plot more (I don't know if you've heard of the plotting vs. "pantsing" debate) so I guess that would be a good time to make use of what I've been practicing. I know I waste too much time on things that can be addressed later. :/
      Tonya, there are actually a few scenes that I'm looking forward to. Maybe I will try that...
      Betsy, I'm not wired to write out of order, either. I'm willing to try anything though! I think my biggest hang up is the fact that I've always considered the first chapter to be the "foundation" of the story and if that's not good I get freaked out and start doubting the rest.
      Thanks y'all! I really appreciate the advice. Especially since my question was completely unrelated to the post... Sorry about that.

  3. Ashley I think Alicia is right. That helps a lot, to write out of order. I'm not usually wired that one but I've heard it moved mountains for a lot of people! Give it a try :) Also, whether you decide to go in order or not, know that just because Chapter 1 isn't perfect right this second doesn't mean you can't go back to it later once you know your story and characters better and enhance it with deeper subtext and meaning. I've done that for almost every book I've ever written.