Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A little periwinkle, a little magenta, a little cornflower...

We talk on Scribble Chicks frequently about writer's block and how to cope when our minds seem on burn out from story-producing or story-brainstorming stress. 

Might I suggest crayons?

Think about it. There's something truly magical about this time of year, when the aroma of brand new school supplies linger in the aisles of Target ;)

No really. I have a problem, or maybe a fetish, for school supplies. And office supplies. Sticky notes and polka dotted pencils and highlighters, OH MY! 

Yes, this is my drawer at work after I dropped fifty bucks at Office Depot....

Yes, that's a penguin pencil sharper, owl sticky notes, and little containers for miscellaneous drama. And polka dotted pencils and new pens in orange, purple, pink and blue and heart sticky notes with swirls and tablets ::SWOON::

(and yes, my job rocks because I can wear holey jeans)  ;)

Anyway, my point is, sometimes a little art can go a long way. I'm not saying breaking out the crayons and coloring book is going to magically make your story problems vanish or even cause you to have a great brainstorming session while you take the mental break. It might or it might not. 

But the point is, it's a mental break. 

And we all need those. 

(mamas of the world, can I get an AMEN)

At work the past week, I've been ordered (yes, ordered) to spend large amounts of time coloring a plat map with colored pencils. 


And it's been the most relaxing, stress-reducing, enjoyable time I've had in a while. Just me, the conference room table, a pack of pencils, my penguin sharpener, and my map. The only sound is the air conditioner and the scratching of my pencil against paper. I don't think about ANYTHING when I'm coloring. Not what else I have to do at work. Not about my novel deadlines or the fact that ants have been invading my home. Not about my to-do list that's multiplying like rabbits before my eyes or about my pending divorce or about the fact that my baby just started Kindergarten.

Just aqua and periwinkle and violet and burnt orange and fuchsia.

And hey, my map turned out pretty awesome ;)

I think there's something to letting your over-worked artistic side (writing) breathe and letting your under-worked artistic side (drawing, coloring, painting, sewing, designing, constructing, etc.) shine for a minute.

Hey, even if all you get out of it is a deep breath and a break, you're still coming out ahead :)

And seriously - who doesn't love to color????  


  1. A break??
    Amen and HALLELUJAH Sister!!

    Okay, with that off my chest, we have those same little containers floating around our house, from staples. And new school and office supplies? Swoon indeed...

  2. AMEN!!! You have no idea how with you I am on this. I started drawing, doodling, coloring earlier this year and its become such a passion, I love getting lost in it & creating. If you think crayons are fun, wait till you try watercolors. The downside though (at least for me) is I love it so much that I want to do it when I should be writing, I only have so much time and art is so much fun. I've been choosing art over writing a lot. *shifty eyes*

    One thing I've realized is that it gotten through the "honeymoon phase" of writing and I'm in the "honeymoon phase" of paitning. Will the painting wear off the and then be easier balance both, idk? But I love art. You'd probably really like art journaling, Betsy!

  3. You call that a problem? Because whatever it is, I have it too. Lol. I LOVE sticky notes, colorful pens, pretty notebooks, stickers, and everything else colorful and nerdy... I don't see a problem anywhere.
    Ooh, Tonya. An art journal? That sounds really cool. I kind of want to give that a shot.

    1. Google it or look it up on Pinterest :) prepare to be amazed. If its something you're really interested in I can point you to some website to learn. Really anything goes, there's so many ways to approach it you just have to find your style!

    2. I actually am pretty interested. I read an article once that said that doing that kind of thing really helped the person who wrote the article to get in touch with her creativity. I just have a SUPER tough course load this semester and I need to find something to do to relax. Art journaling just sounds calming. :)

    3. My absolute favorite is

      There's also

    4. My comment got cut,

      On those you'll find links to other blogs to.