Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Giveaway, etc.

I just spent 48 hours in a hotel with 750 other women. Somehow we managed not to burn the place down with our curling irons, or blow (all) the fuses with our hair dryers.

Let me explain the real reason we were there: cookies larger than my hand. Also, cheesecake and chocolate pecan pies.

Actually, it was a "business" meeting. These 750 women were all on the same mission: gaining thirty pounds. No wait, that was just an after-effect. We were actually trying to further our careers.

I came away stronger. And more tired. And more confused as to how to balance these crazy world travels with the fact that my heart walks around outside my body every single day while asking, "Mama--play?"

The world travels can wait. The baby? Not so much. And the chocolate chip cookie I have wrapped in my suitcase...

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