Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's your game plan?

What's your game plan?

We all have a dream as Christian writers,  which probably boils down to "get published".  :)

But the way to obtain dreams is to accomplish goals. Sooooo have you stopped lately to map out a list of goals that will serve as stepping stones toward your dream?

I think this is VITAL in the publishing industry, because things move so slowly there. It's nice to see yourself accomplishing goals and making productive steps along the way, because if you don't notice those little things, you'll feel like you're standing still or just constantly waiting waiting waiting.

And that's not exactly motivating :)

So think about your game plan. What can keep you moving and giving you fellow OCD'rs items to check off your list? What is your first goal?

This will look different for everyone, because everyone here is at a different stage of the plan. Some are working on a first manuscript, others might be working on a third or fourth. Some might have already pitched to agents/editors and are in the process of editing/tweaking their craft, while others are learning methods for the first time.

Some examples of these handy dandy stepping stone steps however, could include any or all of the below, in no particular order: (truly, no order, just as they come to me!)

1. Start a novel.
2. Finish a novel.
3. Attend a writer's conference.
4. Send query letters to agents.
5. Pitch a manuscript at a conference.
6. Start a second novel.
7. Finish a second novel.
8. Find a critique partner.
9. Submit an article to a magazine.
10. Start a blog.
11. Improve social media performance/build platform.
12. Join a writer's group.
13. Incorporate edits from a professional into your manuscript
14. Learn the craft of writing by taking an online or in person course.

What's your next step?


  1. I have a little bit of a plan :) I try to not to hold too tightly Bc I do that so often and end up disappointed or stressed out.

    Actually, right now I've given myself a month of from writing. I got a little burnt out and everytime i thought about writing I felt this sense of exhaustion and apathy . So I'm trying to not beat myself up for this break.

    For a long time I just wanted to write a book and go get it published. As I've learned about the industry I keep seeing that most first books aren't ready. I'm still working on fully accepting this but I've begun to thought what if I just wait? Write a book, write another one, and wrote another before I consider a conferance or trying to be published? I'd have a sense of my limits and abilities and that could be helpful in negotiating with agents and publishers!

    That goal is hard to live sometimes Bc I want it all NOW! I want to go to ACFW this year but its in Indianapolis amd all the travel, money, and my inexperience outweighs it benefits. Next year, St. Louis, we'll see. BUT 2015 is Dallas, my back yard! If I spend the next few years learning and writing (given that I decide to still pursue after my break) at one book a year I'd have at least 3 books written with a better sense of my identity as a writer.

    Does that make sense?

  2. I'm still trying to figure out my genre. Lol. I've set aside fiction for the summer to explore non-fiction. I mean, if I write a little fiction, that's okay. However, I don't feel obligated to type a word if I don't want to. :) Once I figure out what God wants me to write, I'll go from there.