Monday, May 20, 2013

What fuels your writing?

Sometimes, I tend to find myself reaching for anything and everything to keep the motivation going to finish that novel, complete that proposal and to start that new story. So, I decided to make a list of my top five favorite ways to fuel my writing for you today. Mostly so I can remind myself as well. ;)

* Reading

Never underestimate the power of a good book to get you motivated to write again. Sometimes when I feel like I have nothing left to write about, I'll spend a few days reading and be revved up and ready to write again before no time at all.

* Snack Breaks

Another great way to keep some energy in your writing is to have something yummy beside you while you write. I wish this was not the case but if nothing else, it keeps me making myself workout too. Which brings me to my next point...

* Workout

Nothing gets the brain moving than a little bit of cardio. Feeling stuck? Leave the laptop, look away from the screen and get outside and go for a walk. Or pop in a workout DVD. There are TONS of free options online for different workouts. Pick something that works for you.

* Switch it up

We've mentioned this before, but if you're in a rut, try moving locations from where you are writing. Usually write at the table? Move to the couch. Usually write at a desk? Move outside. If you normally write at home and you have the opportunity to go write somewhere else (I usually don't just because I write during my son's rest time), go find a coffee shop to work. The change of scenery can do MIRACLES for your WIP.

* Have a quiet time

And last, but definitely not least, be sure you are making time for God's word every day. Whether you are able to spend an hour or three minutes, try to sit down, pray and focus your mind on what you are reading. The best way I am able to write and come up with ideas is to pray through what God has been teaching me in my own life.

What are your tricks to staying motivated?

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  1. I think having visual tools is a big plus for me. Haha. This is crazy and a bit time consuming, but I have this video game that allows me to take screenshots. So... I create my characters on the game, do a little "staging," and take a screenshot. Then, I have a picture of my characters on my computer. Also, music and candles help. Most of my ideas are inspired by music, so I sometimes make a playlist for my story and if I'm writing about a certain setting, I'll choose an appropriate candle. My favorite example was when I was writing about a girl who was visiting her estranged grandmother. I lit a sugar cookie candle because her grandmother was a sweet, hospitable lady who loved to serve tea and pastries. :)
    Spending time in God's Word definitely helps. After all, I can probably learn a lot from the greatest story ever written...