Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Progress Report time

I'm all thrown off this week because of the holiday! Don't have a clue what day it is. Hope everyone had a good long weekend! Happy Memorial Day! :)

So let's do a progress report real quick. Everyone check in. What are you working on? What's your word count stats and goal? Are you progressing as you had hoped or lagging behind a bit? (or a lot) What's the reason behind the goal you set or the deadline you gave yourself?

Sometimes talking about our progress and our goals and deadlines makes us strive harder to meet them. So share! Let's keep each other accountable.


  1. An extrememly rough winter for my oldest son put my new story on hold for a while - I seriously had not one drop of anything left inside of me at the end of any given day. It makes me sad, but I have come to accept that this will likely be a dry season for a few more years. (He has some bigger struggles than the average kid.)

    THAT SAID -- spring is finally here and yesterday I discovered a long over looked email (2 mos! ouch!) from a tiny publisher who saw my introduction on the ACFW newcomer's loop....she invited me to submit my work. So my juices are flowing and I'm revising the backstory that I initally cut out and but believe begins the pulse of the story - it just needed paring down and some rough edges smoothed....

    I didn't set a 'deadline' for getting it done, but roughly a week is my secret hope. :) I already had a proposal mostly ready but it probably needs tweaking now that there is backstory included again.

    If nothing else, it will be good practice! And once it's polished, I will either pick up my current WIP again or begin the sequel to this finished one that's also stirring around inside. :)

  2. I think I am keeping on track (writing one book and having one come out from the publisher here in a few weeks), but VBS and Memorial Day is certainly taking up my time! Maybe I can write a little more during vacation...

  3. I started off the year really great and pushing hard then I started to get burnt out. I also started an art class and have fallen in love with art :). I decided to give myself a month long vacation (which is up in just over 2 weeks). I had such guilt going into it but I've enjoyed the break. I really, really love drawing too. It's caused me to start thinking about rearranging where writing is in my life now that I have art. I feel guilty and nervous saying it but I don't know where writing it going to be. My plan is to give it a try again, ease into with simple goals and not out the pressure on myself that I have in the past. See how I feel about. Art can be my outlet and maybe one day they will blend?

    1. So I've been praying and trying to see what God wants for me. I have a hard time with the thought of NOT pursuing writing but then sometimes I feel so tired. Could I be moving into a new season and writing will come around again?

    2. Tonya - no guilt! Seasons can definitely come and go. There is nothing wrong with that. If art is inspiring you, follow your heart. If you are needing a break from writing, or don't feel that writing is for 'now', that's totally okay. I've done that. On both levels. I took a more than decade break from writing - it was in God's plans. :) And also small breaks.

      Yes, pray. And listen to the still small voice. If you have a need to write, or are supposed to write, you will feel good, not tired. We have a God of peace, Tonya. :)

      Don't be so hard on yourself. It sounds like your creative juices are stretching their wings... lol. Good for you!

    3. Yeah! Sometimes, when you tap into other creative outlets, they end up inspiring your writing... if it's God's will for you to continue writing. No matter what, as long as you do everything as unto the Lord, you'll be fine. :)

  4. I haven't made much progress at all. I think I need to start plotting, so I'm starting fresh and coming up with a plot for this idea I have. My other stories ate all written on whims and that's not working all that well. I'm also exploring nonfiction -or maybe it's called expository writing. Not sure.
    Anyway, I've got so much going on write now... a bunch of major decisions, but at least I'm trying to keep writing! Lol.

  5. I agree with Cjoy Tonya! And good job to all of you. :) And Ashley, keep it up. You don't have to have the answers yet :) Proud of you all!!