Monday, May 6, 2013


Hi friends,

Oh the week I have had!! It has been a wonderful week filled with lots of wonderful things like... drumroll please.. Paige Torn's release! But I am on SUCH an adrenaline crash now. I promise that if I didn't have my little man keeping me up and moving, I would still be sleeping.

So, all that to say, I feel totally incapable of providing any kind of writing advice today. So how about today we spend the day refreshing and recharging by picking up your favorite book and doing some sleuthing in it? Every time there's a scene in the book that pulls at your heart strings or makes you laugh or cry, stop, re-read and try to figure out how the author was able to make you feel that way.

Love to you all, my dear Scribble Chicks! I promise that I will be back on Monday, rested and with a fully-functioning (or at least semi-functioning) brain. ;)

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