Monday, April 2, 2012

Writing Pilates

Lately, I have gotten back into Pilates.

When I say that, I mean that I've gotten back into attempting to do the same thing the annoying cheerful woman on the TV tells me to do while knowing there is no way in HECK that I will ever even come close to achieving that pose.

Sometimes I feel the same way about writing.

"Now, remember, no back story! Show, don't tell! 'I' before 'E'!"

Meanwhile, I'm furiously typing something that I know I will just end up regretting and erasing. So, here's a few writing exercises for you. And I promise there will be no awkward lunges, no weird lines like "belly button to spine!" or "feel your legs lengthening as you do this!" or any platonic writing phrases.

Just a couple of simple, hopefully writer's block smashing, prompts. ;)

1. Think of the oddest collectable you've ever heard of. Now create a character who is completely obsessed with this collectable. How do they relate to other people? How about people who think they are completely out of their minds?

2. Stuck in your current story? Grab your main character and write down every single one of their pet peeves. Now add in a side character, maybe even just a grocery story cashier, who fits every pet peeve you listed. How does your character react? Sometimes just getting your character riled up can be enough to breathe some life into your story.

3. What is a career you've always found interesting? Baker? Dog Walker? Concrete Mixer Driver? (Have to admit - I've always been a little fascinated with those.) Learn about the career and then write about a character who doesn't quite fit the "mold" that usually comes with said career (aka - a baker with Celiac's, a dog walker with horrendous allergies, a 5'1", 83-pound female mixer driver.)

Now, take a deep breath, feel your belly button connect with your spine and get to work! ;)