Monday, April 16, 2012

Today's post is brought to you in the form of carbs and sugar

I have now eaten about 15 honey wheat pretzels and half a bag of candied pecans and I still have nothing for today.


This might be due to the fact that exact four hours ago, there were approximately 324 kids four-years-old and under running like crazy through my house. Or maybe there were seven kids four-years-old and under. Regardless, there were a lot of children.

And it could also be due to the fact that I have an entire sink full of dirty dishes that need to be washed but I've been trying to forget about that and hope that they disappear. Because as of right now, I am the dishwasher in this house thanks to a very sad day when our dishwasher broke.

Or maybe it has to do with the sixty thousand words I still need to read through and correct before I send it in to my editor. And the 140 thousand cumulative words I have to write between now and this time next year. Somehow, that number just seems very, very, very large. Maybe because the highest I've been counting for the last twenty-one months has been to 10.

With Mickey Mouse. Or "Me-mo", as he is known here.


Sometimes I feel like writing does not get enough credit for being a strenuous job. No, I may not be lugging 500 pounds of log up on my back and half-squatting, half-walking to the nearest Ford F-350 or whatever truck commercial I'm currently in, but sometimes it sure feels like it! Sometimes, after watching a crazy toddler all morning, figuring out what to make for dinner, cleaning up the house, doing my errands, etc, by the time I sit down to write, I'm so brain dead it's a miracle I can write "I'M TIRED" on my Twitter feed, much less anything of substance.

And yet, God still knows what I can handle. And He gave me this desire to write, this desire for children and this desire for sanity.

So. Maybe I can achieve all three.

"Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His face always." - Psalm 105:4

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  1. This makes me feel so much better! It really IS work. And sometimes you DO need a day of vacation. Proud of you!