Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Need more power?

Have you ever hoped for something?

Have you ever experienced a reason to pray with that same gut-wrenching, soul-burning cry-from-the-depths like David in the Psalms?

I have. And I can't go into why, for a variety of reasons, but the details don't matter. The point is, we've all been there or will be one day. Whether that's over a lost friendship, death, a struggling marriage, infertility, financial ruin, disease, or the loss of a dream - we can relate.

And you know what? Jesus can too.

The part I think we forget so often is that Jesus was God AND man. Fully both. When He was tempted by the devil after a long period of fasting, He was weak. Physically and emotionally and mentally. That was when Satan attacked, and STILL, Jesus overcame. Yet He was a man. He could have caved. He could have told the devil sure to any of the devils temptings. But instead He fought back with Scripture.

You guys, I've been on a painful journey, and a literal miracle occured yesterday. I wish I could share the details, but I can't. Still, HEAR ME. If you have something on your heart that is dragging you down, weighing you down, making you ache and hurt and cry and ask why - I have two words of advice.

1. Fast
2. Pray Scripture out loud and often

I know from experience the combination unleashes Heavenly power. It's Biblical, and it's real.

This doesn't guarantee you'll get the outcome you want, but it is guaranteed to change your heart one way or another. YOU WILL BE CHANGED. And it will be for the better. God honors our obedience, dear Christian.

I just feel led to share this today. Someone needs it, and I hope they see this and try the above methods that literally changed my life this week. Please give it consideration.

And hey - even if you're not going through a super dark valley today, you can still exercise the use of praying Scriptures. Over your dreams. Your writing. Your families. Your goals. As a dear friend recently told me, we're to pray God's will. But what is that? We can rest assured that God's will is His Word. So crack open that Bible and get to it!

You'll be amazed at what you discover :)

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  1. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! I soooo needed this message today!