Friday, November 18, 2011

Yes, Even Writers Occasionally Loathe the Sight of Their Own Laptops

It's been a particularly crazy week on the freelance writing front, so that's why my normal post is (gasp!) a day late. I don't know why, but there are some weeks were everything is due—all at the same time, naturally.

I'm pretty sure by yesterday my brain texture officially changed from soft and malleable to downright crusty and burnt, and it's because I've been writing and writing and writing and writing—a blessing since that means I'll be getting paid soon, but a little stressful all the same.

To be honest, there was a point when I worried about my backside permanently becoming one with my chair and having to call 911 so someone could separate us. Thankfully, that never happened. But I did feel like I'd aged 10 years before popping an Advil.

And it's in these moments where it's a great reminder that no matter how long we've been writing that it's okay to occasionally loathe the very sight of my beloved Macbook Pro. Like the best things in life, writing is work, and we have to be prepared for the times when it's not all sunshine and lemondrops.

So that's why I'm about to log out for the day, grab a caramel macchiato and see Breaking Dawn Part 1 (yes, it's a guilty pleasure of mine, bad writing and all)...after all, when you love something as much as I love writing, you have to set it free from time to time. :)

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