Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Writing prompt time - and a giveaway!

Okay, so in a hat-tip to the holidays, let's do a Christmas-themed writing prompt today :)

You can choose to finish the below sentence in the comment box. Keep it under 100 words, and be creative. Have fun!

He looked so good standing under the mistletoe, she could just....

PS - If you participate, you'll be entered to win a copy of my novel THE GINGERBREAD SEASON, a novella in a two-novella compilation entitled MISTLETOE PRAYERS. (other novella contributed by fellow author Marta Perry) If you already have my novella, then play anyway and encourage others to enter too.


Merry Christmas! (We can say that now, it's after Thanksgiving. hehehe)


  1. She could just envision herself gazing into his warm green eyes forever. Messy brown hair, a faint smile always on his face, Rachel knew she would never find another guy like Connor. Plus he loved Marvel comics just as much as she did - his favorite was Spiderman, and hers was X-Men. Connor's eyes glanced around the room once more before resting on Rachel. She put her soda glass on the coffee table and took a deep breath. The smell of spicy ginger and sweet apples washed over. She was ready. But just as she stood up and smoothed out her cream-colored skirt...

  2. . . . imagine someone else stealing him away. Where was Erika? If she didn't get here soon, all this hard work to get both of them in the same room at the same time would be like bringing a bathing suit on an ice fishing trip! Sally focused in on a pretty girl across the room who appeared to have noticed the precarious location where James was standing; and that he was alone. She must intervene, NOW!

  3. ...could just, could just....nothing. She could never find the courage to even utter a single word in his presence. She seemed destined to always be the lone girl in the corner, her light blue eyes barely peeping over the spine of a book. Her gift was listening, not talking. Not thinking of casual conversations at Christmas parties. Not talking to incredibly attractive guys.

    Maybe someday she’d learn to be more like the characters in her books, more assertive and bold. But then she wouldn’t be herself. And she wasn’t quite ready to betray her own self...not yet.

  4. ...about believe he was real. Although every fiber of knowledge she clung to told her otherwise, she just knew that Santa has to be real. His beard looked like the real deal, and his shirt was the color of a tomato that had been crushed with a wooden mallet. She had to find a way to prove this wasn't just any mall Santa. Now, she just needed proof...

  5. He looked so good standing under the mistletoe,

    but Anna knew that any respectable young lady should never feel this way. She did not even know who he was! As her friend, Beatrice, walked toward her Anna knew she would soon find out all about the new young man. "Darling...have you heard about that new boy? Everyone is talking... they say he is new in town and that the Whites have taken him in...something about the son of an old friend. Anyway, He is awful nice looking. Don't you think?" Anna pretended to think for a moment. "Well...I suppose so." Anna realized she was in over her head.

    Sierra B.

  6. And the winner of the Christmas novella giveaway is.....


  7. Yahoo! DO you want me to email you my info?

  8. Congrats Libbi :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)