Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jesus Loves Me! No really it's true

Do you ever have moments where something random or really minor but great happens, moments where you find such joy in something so ridiculous or small that you think "It really is the little things in life?"

I do. I call them my "Jesus Loves Me moments"

Like when you're going through a certain tough situation, and right when you get in the car, a song on the radio comes on that applies to you so specifically, a song that hasn't played on the radio in FOREVER. And you think "Jesus loves me".

Or when your husband is about to go buy a motorcycle in New York and drive it all the way from New York to north Louisiana, and in the middle of your panic attack, the seller of the motorcycle gets all shady and refuses a mechanical check, and the deal is off. And you think "Jesus loves me."

I had another moment like that today. I was planning on going to McDonalds and getting a hot caramal mocha. I had counted calories before and planned my day around it (was only 200 calories or so) and was going to get it to help my throat (Fall allergies). But I couldn't get over into the right lane, so I turned into Sonic instead and was just gonna get a boring ol' Diet Coke again. Then I remembered Sonic had coffee, so I ordered a hot caramal mocha from them.

And instead, I somehow was given a cold caramal mocha Java Chiller, which is like a coffee milkshake, and I had no idea how many calories it was, and didn't care, because honestly, it was the best thing I'd eaten/drank in a super long time. It was FABULOUS. And I was free to enjoy it and just relish it because I had no idea how bad it was for me and truly didn't care. It was my little "have a good morning" treat from the Lord. A reminder to quit being so uptight, so strict, so organized and detailed and anal about everything and just enjoy life sometimes.

Jesus loves me!

Some of those examples might be silly to you, but they're real, nontheless, and if we don't take the time to find Jesus in the daily grind, in the everyday hectic moments of life, and appreciate Him, acknowledge Him, thank Him - what do we really have? Abundant life? Not so much.

A ton of people - Christians or not - could experience all of the above (all 3 of those examples happened within the past week FYI) and blow it off. Not even notice. Call it coincidence or destiny or whatever else they wanted to. But I call it Jesus.

What do you call it?

Have you had any moments like that recently? Moments where you felt connected to your Saviour in a way that would sound totally dumb if you tried to explain it out loud, but knew in your heart it was the real deal?

Please share! I'd love to hear about it and praise with you!


  1. This morning I was worrying about my upcoming tests and then the radio played "Blessings" by Laura's story & what really stuck out to me this time is the line:
    "all the while you hear each desperate plea but your love is just to much to give us lesser things" 
    All morning it kept going through my mind.

    Yeah, I'd def be thankful about the NY-LA thing. A couple weeks ago I road from upstate NY to TX and it's exhausting. Everyone in the car has said "we're not driving back to NY anytime soon" we all made it in one piece, thankfully.

    Do you have any advice on just sticking with your WIP? You know when your at the point where you know you have a story & you've written some but your like, I'm not sure where to take it next?  So you want to stop but I REALLY am trying to get it written. 

  2. Yay Tonya! Thanks for sharing :)

    As for your question...that's why I plot in advance. So I never get to that point. It sounds like if winging it isn't working for you, go back to what you have and think about a synopsis. Don't worry about writing the next scene, concencrate on the entire story. What is your ultimate theme or message? What do you want the reader to take away? Figure out the deeper elements of the story, then brainstorm with a friend or family member or someone who can listen to you talk the plot out, and maybe help you figure out what needs to happen next scene wise or chapter wise to get you there.

    Writing seat of the pants isn't for everyone and if you're frustrated or uninspired by it, try plotting!

  3. Thanks! I think I am a plotter and I've tried to plot some BUT not fully because I just don't know? Sometimes I have too many ideas and get lost. So I thought id write some and see if anything developed. Not working out. 
    I've been trying to figure out like the three biggest points or whatever you call them and get stuck. Like nothing seems strong enough! 
    I'll have to think through more of your questions there and go back to my beginning notes. I really think I have a good set up for a story but I'm getting lost/overwhelmed in the process. I'm determined not to give up on this one, it's was I've always done when I get stuck. Not. This. Time. Or I'll never finish a MS

  4. I do the exact thing. I actually say out loud, "Jesus loves me" when something that makes me smile happens. I probably get weird looks but I've never taken the time to notice! :D