Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A little holiday comparison...

Did you know there's about 495084504859045840 different ways to make turkey crafts? I do, because my daughter has brought them all home from preschool over the past month. hehehe. Our home has been turkied, and it's not even officially Thanksgiving yet! And, of course, I can't throw ANY of them away. She's a turkey prodigy, and they're all so beautiful!!! :)

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Apparently preschool has been ready for the entire month. ;)

I'm ready for the food, and the family time, and maybe most of all, the nap! Hehe. Just kidding. Sort of. What I'm definitely ready for is SLEEPING IN FRIDAY instead of going Black Friday shopping. Are you braving the crowds? Or will you be like me, snuggled under the covers and reveling in the fact that your Christmas shopping is already halfway done, and you already got your coveted Old Navy peacoat at 75% off earlier in the week, and you don't really care to risk life and toes in JcPenney or Best Buy?

Sometimes I think our writing is like the holiday season. You have this story. It's fresh and homey and lovely. Makes you feel good, like a big family dinner and a nap on the back porch. It's colorful like Autumn leaves, and typing the end is the pumpkin pie dessert. Its perfect. The perfect day, the perfect story, the perfect writing experience.

Then you sell the novel, and Black Friday hits. You're suddenly in a flurry of revisions and line edits and "OH MY GOSH WHY DID THEY CUT THAT" and red ink and you're wishing for the covers back. Your toes and spirits are crushed and you feel like the worst writer in the world and you're struggling to find that good deal and make the story what you want AND what your publisher wants and the tug of war between you and your editor begins, much like the one going on over at Toyrs R Us between two sleep deprived mommies over a talking Elmo doll. You are bruised and limping and thinking "why did I even leave my bed?" Why did I even try? Is this worth it?

Then Christmas morning comes. And your book is on the shelf. And you're sitting in Barnes & Noble signing books and drinking mochas. And the reviews come in. And just like the joy you get from seeing your kid open that coveted gift you practically risked your life for, you receive emails from readers telling how God used your words to touch their life. How God healed them or touched in some way. And you remember the real meaning of it all.

And you can't wait for "next year" ;)

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