Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seasonal Bliss

It's beginning to look a lot like...Peppermint mochas at Starbucks!

I mean, er, Christmas...hehehe.

What is your favorite holiday treat to look forward to? And do you incorporate these goodies into your novels?

I LOVE writing holiday-themed stories. The only problem was one time I was revising a Christmas novella (THE GINGERBREAD SEASON, Love Inspired novella compilation October 2010) in the summer. That was tricky. And hubby is one of these Scrooge types who can't bear holiday music until the day after Thanksgiving at the earliest, and even then, he would rather not hear any at all. LOL. So yeah that was an interesting couple of weeks.

I'm trying to be good this year and not skip Thanksgiving celebrations. I always get ahead of myself and start humming O Holy Night in, like, mid October. I won't forget turkey day this year - especially because right after Thanksgiving we're going to DISNEYWORLD!! WOOHOO!! Talk about a great holiday season. :)

What do you have coming up this holiday season? Are you writing a holiday story? Or are you taking a break from writing to enjoy a seasonal break? What inspires you the most about this time of year? :) (I think we all know my answer to this can be found in the Starbucks drive through line, and well, probably Erynn's too. haha)


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about! I always go from Halloween to Christmas and turn on the holiday music by October (against my hubby's wishes too..haha) but this year I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house for my whole family and I'm so excited about it! It will be my first time hosting it and am a little nervous about cooking a turkey :)
    I am working on a holiday novel as my first attempt at one but I am having conflicts with it. I feel like I need to hurry now and write it, or at least the first draft, while the holiday season is here and inspiring me but then I feel like I would have to wait a whole year to do anything with it because who would buy a Christmas book in the summer. Is that weird? I am also trying to complete a first draft by Christmas this year because I am due to have a baby mid January and I fear that it will get put to the side and forgotten...

  2. Actually, don't worry about timing when writing a holiday story. Remember, it takes a YEAR from contract to release date. So publishers are looking right now for Christmas 2012 releases. Actually most publishers start looking even sooner like August or September for Christmas of the FOLLOWING year releases!

    And I'm sure you will be a great Thanksgiving cook :)

  3. Finishing the final drafts of my novel so I can have it ready to query in January.

    We savor Thanksgiving in my family - our biggest get-together holiday. Christmas doesn't start until black Friday for me.