Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cheep Cheep - Round Robin

Writing exercises are very helpful in strengthening our craft.

There's several different types of exercises, including the ever popular "Round Robin", where one person starts with a story, and then another person picks it up, then a third keeps it going...usually this exercise has rules such as only two lines per person, and usually ends up being really silly and fun! :)

So in honor of the Round Robin, lets have some fun today. But instead of a Round Robin exactly, let's do a writing prompt, which is very similiar. This is where we all take the SAME first line and write 50 (yes, ONLY 50!!) words to finish it.

Fingers ready? Here we go!

Writing prompt:

One look into his shimmering, charcoal gray eyes told her everything she needed to know. She was without a doubt, completely and totally....

Take it from here :) Get creative! This could be a roamnce prompt. Could be a sci-fi. Could be a thriller or suspense. It all just depends on your perception. That's what makes it fun!


(only 50 words!!!)


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  2. His first and only love. And nobody else had ever held that place. Even though she had convinced herself that there was something going on between him and… what was her name? It did not really matter now. That One-in-a –million look told her every detailed thing without even saying anything.

  3. Ohhh Emily, nice! Yay for romance! :)

    Who else wants to play??

  4. Their story really began back in grade school of all things. She was seated directly in front of him, and he always pulled her pigtail braids. While he was cocky at times, annoying at others, she was still smitten with Brandon, the boy who made her imagination come alive.

  5. I love yours Christa! Yours to Emily

    Here's mine, a little lame, but I tried
    Confused. He drew her in like an undertow. That's exactly what he was- an undertow to her very being. A look his inviting eyes and she wanted to dive in like she does the ocean whenever she sees it. But in a moment he changes and she can't get away. 

  6. Ohhh nice, ladies! Christa, love the pigtails detail :) Tonya, love the "can't get away".

    This is fun!

  7. Done for. Unless she could get the other trainees to cooperate, Click would cut them down, one by one, her last. She held her head high as they lined up behind the too-clean gates. Click stared straight ahead until the guard passed, then let slip a knowing smile her way.

  8. The whole place was silent now, except for a faint sound of the rain hitting the windows. Sasha heard it, yet didn’t as she held Brandon’s gaze. Suddenly, somebody’s luggage fell from a cart with a huge thump, causing them both to be ripped from the trance they were in.