Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Because we gotta share the love...

Because Erynn is one of our own Scribble Chicks and because I seriously loved my preview copy of her newest release (August 16th 2011) SKETCHY BEHAVIOR from Zondervan, I had to use my week to post the review I just put up on Amazon...

Erynn Mangum is a well known coffee addict, so I can't resist using coffee metaphors to describe her newest release, SKETCHY BEHAVIOR. This novel is like the perfect blend of coffee. Instead of milk and steam and chocolate, however, SKETCHY BEHAVIOR mixes fun, romance and suspense into a delightful concoction that will send you running for your favorite mug! (and stashing this great read on your keeper bookshelf)

SKETCHY BEHAVIOR is the story of a young teen who by happenstance (or was it by God's Will?) is thrust into the spotlight as a forensic sketch artist. The tables turn when 16-year-old Kate Carter realizes that her sketch wasn't just a get-lucky kind of coincidence in art class, but rather a real gift that might just be more trouble than its worth...

Erynn creates a great balance of crime-scene realism with humor and lighthearted fun, (and even romance!) so the reader doesn't get bogged down in grit, but at the same time, gets to enjoy a suspense ride with all the trimmings.

Don't miss this great read by Erynn Mangum! I couldn't put it down...


  1. I sooo enjoyed my copy, too! What a fun, fun story!!!

  2. You are SO sweet!! Thanks so much!! :) SO glad that you liked it!

  3. Yay! I'm so excited! I feel awfully guilty for not even reading the Maya Davis series yet (loved the Lauren Holbrook series!)...I need to catch up!