Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When Life Surprises You

I will never forget how my heart pounded. I will never forget how my head spun. I will never forget how my hands shook as the hairdresser whipped my chair around and my eyes caught the first glimpse of…

Oh. My. Hair.

I now possessed the one thing I’d dreamt of. The one thing I prayed for. The one thing my 13-year-old mind believed would make the 13-year-old boys forget my flat chest and tumble head-over-heels in love with my…

Big hair?

So this wasn’t exactly the look I’d had in mind.

But neither was this the hairdresser I’d had in mind. At age 80, his idea of a good perm was the one on Little Orphan Annie.

(The entire youth group’s Richard Simmons impressions weren’t exactly the response I'd had in mind either…)

The point is, sometimes life surprises you.

I think we’ve all been a little surprised here on the Scribble Chicks Blog lately. Life’s thrown a lot at us – moves – babies – trying for babies (wait – sorry – that wasn’t exactly “G” Rated).

But this week we’re talking about what to do when that happens. The whole life surprising you thing, I mean.

What happens when you wonder really – in the middle of this crazy uproar called summer – or LIFE – do you find time to write?

Do you:

• Make lists

• Prioritize

• Lock the kids in a suitcase and hope for the best?

While all of these are good ideas ;), I have a little suggestion that I need to follow:

Just do it.

(OK, I stole that from Nike, but after my ripoff hairdo from Richard Simmons, I figured I couldn’t stoop any lower.)

Do it. Leave the dishes in the sink. Let the lawn grow thicker, taller, and… we’ll say lush-er, even though we’re thinking more snake-infested.

Arrange a carpool. Sign the kids up for swim lessons (we’ll give you until next year on that one, Erynn).

Just write.

And while you write, the Scribble Chicks will write too.

Even if it means our hearts will pound. Our heads will spin. And our hands will shake as we pick up our pens (or keyboards) and…

Follow our dreams.

BJ Hamrick is a writer and the author of The Bare Naked Truth, a blog about love and a boy named Ethan.

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