Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do the twist...

Last night I went to Painting With a Twist (, where you can sign up to paint in a classroom type setting (with wine and beer if you are so inclined! lol) with an instructor giving you literal step by step instructions. Its great for amateurs who just want to go have fun. My mom, sister, cousin and I went and painted daisies.

Here's me, ready and nervous that my daisies are going to turn out more like weeds...

Everyone got started and at first, I thought, this is not a good project for a perfectionist! But I relaxed and started having fun and once I stopped caring so badly about the particulars and just painted, I actually improved.

As I looked around the room, I realized at everyone's painting, though technically the same, they were all so very, very different. Some were better than others. Some had a slight abstract feel to them. Some were worse than others. Some chose different highlight colors for their petals. Others used more black than white and vice versa. The final result ended in everyone's painting being unique to them, despite the same picture. And they were all beautiful...

It reminded me that the same is true with writing. Even if we have a similar idea or plot line as another writer, our story will be unique to us because its OUR voice. Our brush. Our vision. We need to stop comparing ourselves to other writers and just WRITE. Just paint your picture the way its meant to be painted and don't worry if your neighbor is painting what appears to be the same picture. Don't worry if her strokes seem more steady or her colors more vibrant. Worry about your own picture, and the final result will be pleasing not only to your eye, but more importantly to the Lord's.

Finished product :)


  1. That's wonderful. You must have had a blast with your family.

    I love the reminder. Our writing is uniquely our own. We should be proud of our finished products no matter what the final outcome.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Everyone's paintings came out really cute. Looks like it'd be a really fun thing

  3. The pictures are cute and I loved the way you used the painting as example for our writing. :)


  4. I googled the closest one to my house right after I read your post...only 3 in FL and none close. :/ Def looks like you had fun! Inspired me to plan a girls night with my friends soon! :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. do you know if there are any rules or special permission needed in taking a sermon, talk, or non-fiction book you've heard/read and applying the points in a fictional story?

  6. great post! and such cute paintings! :)

  7. I have a question, what is considering a good selling number of books? Like how many do you have to sell for a publisher want to contract you for another
    What's considered poor selling?

  8. Amen, Betsy! And I like the yellow center choice in your painting. :o)