Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wait just a minute...

Erynn's post Monday about being overwhelmed really rang true for me! I hope it did for you too. I typically multi-task really well and stay productive, but every now and then I have my days of whining, complaining, and feeling tired and unmotivated, where I just want to sit down and STOP.

Is that bad?

Erynn's right...sometimes we need to prioritize and downsize and focus on small goals that will make us not only feel productive, but truly SEE the productivity we are already producing. It's not a manipulation - we ARE being productive even when we set smaller goals. We don't have to do everything and be everything at once. Thanks for the reminder, girl! :)

Someone posted an article on facebook the other day about writer's block that made me think along these lines. The article focused on how to refill your creative tank - through rest, prayer, reading, exercise, etc. My response to the article was that "yes!!" I often give the advice many published authors do - fight through writer's block, make yourself write something/anything until the block is lifted, etc. And sometimes that is necessary - but in today's rush rush world, I think we don't stop long enough to refill.

There is a delicate balance there. Productivity versus replenishment/rest. Maybe instead of pushing through the hard times, we need to stop first and pray. Read a Psalm of encouragement. Take a quick walk and ask God for direction and guidance.

And like Erynn suggested, re-prioritize. Focus on the good. Downsize your expectations if necessary...and keep in mind the Reason you are writing in the first place....

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