Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A genie, a wish, and a guarantee....

Once upon a time...

An aspiring author found a little golden lamp.

She rubbed the lamp.

And a genie floated out.

"Good news!" The genie dangled a set of silver skeleton keys from his wispy blue fingers as smoke billowed about. "These are the keys to the publishing industry! Your wish is my command. You are guaranteed that one novel that you write will be published and become a best seller."

So, aspiring author - what would you write?

Your project is guaranteed to be published and be a hit, with zero influence from the industry or an editor or an agent - you get free rein to write the story and the genre you choose for instant success....what is it? :)


  1. My Roman novel would be accepted by B&H without an agent or a proposal. ;)

  2. Well darn it. Maybe I don't know what that story is yet! For genre, probably Contemporary Fiction, maybe Romance.