Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What punctuation mark are you?

My post for today accidentally got posted on my other blog! LOL Oops. Please go over there and take the quiz ;)


  1. Haha. I already took the quiz. I have a writing question, though. Is it possible to overthink your writing process? I read this morning (though it wasn't the first time I heard this) that it's better for beginner writers to write in 3rd because it takes less finesse to accomplish. As with many witting-related things, it sent me into a tailspin because my new WIP is written in 1st person. I was about to start chapter 2, but I thought about going back and rewriting chapter 1 in 3rd person first -but then I stopped and told myself, "No, I like 1st person, even if I'm still trying to master it... but then, I dont want to get in over my head this early on." I don't know what to do. I'm FOREVER doubting my writing methods/skills. Thus, nothing gets accomplished because I'm scrambling to fix this or that -sometimes before it even breaks. :/

  2. Ashley - in a word....YES!!!

    Choose the tense and point of view that best fits your story. First or third, past or present, whatever. You know in your heart as the author what works best for the story. If you're fighting a style the entire time you're writing the novel, it won't shine. Because YOU and your voice won't shine because you're struggling.

    If it's not broke, quit tinkering ;)
    Stop doubting your ability. The best way to learn how to write first person well is to DO IT :) If that fits your story best then do it and grow as you go and don't stress over it. There are no rules there!

  3. I'm a colon....
    And I'm working not to take that too personally! LOL!! ;D

  4. So I am a colon too.... So we better start getting to know each other even better, Betsy! I believe colons and semicolons get along pretty well. :)