Friday, June 21, 2013

Some Days Are Just Like That

As the mom of two adorable, rambunctious, creative, 100% BOY boys, I have had that phrase said to me to encourage me more times than I can count. I love my boys. More than I could say.

But some days there are...things that happen. Haha, I just typed them out, but I think they'd scare some of you away from having kids ever. ;) But seriously. Some days by the time we go to bed, all three of us have completely lost it. I feel like a bad mom and it seems they've spent more time upset than happy.

And some days are just like that.

Some days, like today, I spend some time snuggling my little one, he goes down for his nap perfectly, and then his brother and I went outside and played 'soccer' with a beach ball for almost an hour. Then we had a snack together and talked about the merits of blue plates versus green plates.

So far, today has been awesome.

On things like facebook, and blogs even, moms tend to like to share the second kind of days. And why not? I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating victories! =)

But I think sometimes a little honesty is good.

With writing too.

I've seen people post their word counts on facebook. I do it a lot, because my kids really don't care all that much when I share I met my wordcount for the day. Haha, go figure. But I like to share.

But when was the last time you saw a writer talk about their writer's block on Facebook? Or talk about how they had no idea where their story was going. Or that they got rejected--again.

Sometimes. But not as often. But some days are like that.

Some days you sit down at your computer and nothing comes. Your fingers are paralyzed. Your mind feel like apple sauce. Doing laundry or cleaning your room or cutting the grass with nail clippers sounds so much more exciting than--dum dum DUM--writing!

I know some of you are feeling super inspired right now, and I say YAY--take advantage of summer and all the enthusiasm it brings with it and WRITE WRITE WRITE.

But for those of you who are struggling with your writing right now, it's okay. You're not a 'bad' writer because of it. It just means you're real. You're human. This season won't last forever for you. Tomorrow you may wake up and start or finish THE story. The one that launches you into whatever place you want to be in your writing. So maybe today isn't your writing day.

That's okay.

Some days are just like that.


  1. Yes! I love your attitude! :)
    And since I have 2 boys (and 2 girls!)...I can only imagine the interesting stories you could tell. LOL. :)

  2. Haha, I'm sure you could imagine!

    I'm just such a drama queen sometimes. With both. Like, last week I didn't get much written and I'm sitting here thinking "I haven't written in forever! What if I can't write anymore? Ahhh!" like the world is ending because I missed a week. But I needed this reminder. =)

  3. Some days and some seasons. Having three boys and a small ranch to care for, I have had to come to the realization lately that I may have to step back for small seasons. I am confident that God put passion for writing on my heart, and will make a way for me. I just have to take it one day at a time and pursue His schedule above my own. I hope someday to launch a novel into the world, but more importantly, I will someday send three men into the world. It is my job and joy, above all else, to help them find the path that God intended for them:)

    1. So true and well said Amanda! God will accomplish His purpose for us (Where is that anyway? Psalms? Proverbs?) and whatever He has you doing is definitely most important. =) And three boys? Fun! =)

  4. Seems like I have way too many days "like that." :/